I have been taking Stephanie’s “Yoga for Back Care” class since it started in October, 2015, and I look forward to going every week. Stephanie is such a knowledgeable, caring instructor – and her class is extremely enjoyable and therapeutic at the same time. It has helped me feel much better, and get back to my yoga practice after an injury. She is a wonderful teacher!
— M.B.
I’m a complete Newbie to Yoga and took private lessons with Stephanie to start. Been a 54 year old, not too flexible male I was anxious about Yoga. Stephanie has a very calm and competent demeanor, and took the anxiety away quickly. She is very patient and her exercise rhythm is perfect for me. Stephanie tailored the sessions to my issues. She also goes the extra mile and provides written instructions. I will likely take a few more lessons.
— Thomas L.
Stephanie’s expertise, gentleness, and ability to address the varying needs of her class participants has allowed me to restart my yoga practice.
— C.S.
After my mastectomy, Stephanie supported me both emotionally and physically. She was very open about her experience with breast cancer and it was amazing to have a one-on-one yoga class with someone who was familiar with what and how I was feeling. It was great to be able to build up muscle and strength between the two operations (mastectomy and the reconstruction) to enable a easier and quicker recovery. Stephanie developed two yoga routines for me to incorporate into my home practice and worked with me weekly to refine them to my needs and capabilities. There is no way I would have been able to bounce back as quickly without her support and care. I would highly recommend Stephanie to any woman who is going through this process - even women with no prior experience with yoga.
— Kate S.
When I got the diagnosis of severe osteoporosis of my spine, I gave up on Yoga, fearing injury. Stephanie’s class has brought me back! Her gentle, individual guidance in class along with her knowledge of yoga for optimum bone health gives me complete trust in her in class. And I know I’m being proactive in rebuilding my bone health.
— Mary Lou S.

"I felt a real sense of calm and connection with my inner self during and after the workshop. I loved having input from all three experts and the sound 🥁 added a special touch. "

Cheryl about Yoga for Stress and Anxiety. 

"I came away from this workshop feeling much better equipped to deal with stress and anxiety.  You provided us with several tools (literally at our fingertips!) to help soothe and calm our central nervous system: pranayama, self massage and essential oils.  The addition of the sound healing was the icing on the cake!"

Nicole about Yoga for Stress and Anxiety