The y4c classes has transformed my recovery process! I wanted to try something new so I decided to start attending Yoga classes a month after I finished treatment. Since the first class, I have looked forward to enjoying the next week's class. I found such  strength and serenity within myself during and after each class.  The experience was so important to me that I would travel 45 minutes to get to the studio each week and it just so happened that many of the Wednesday's the weather was especially cold or rainy.  However, I pushed myself to go since I knew the benefits it provided me. Janet and Stephanie have been amazing instructors and I have met some amazing survivors along the way. I would love for these classes to continue for not only myself but for others in the community. TM


I was hesitant to try the y4c yoga class because I had never taken a yoga class before.  But I was so warmly welcomed by Janet and Stephanie that I immediately forgot my hesitations.   I knew I'd enjoy the physical exercise very much because I've been missing being active recently.  But I didn't expect to experience benefits from the  mental/spiritual aspects. LS